5 Cheerful, Encouraging Quotes from Writers

Way too often, people throw around the advice of writers like it was from the Gospel itself. I’m not a huge fan of most writing advice myself because it always tries to stipulate ALWAYS’ and NEVERS that no one has any right stipulating. Writing is a diverse art form and telling people to always do this and never do that is stupid.

So, instead, here are five really great quotes to give you hope instead of anxiety! … More 5 Cheerful, Encouraging Quotes from Writers

How Stories Last

I was scrolling through my Tumblr feed last night when I came across a vastly interesting, in-depth talk from Neil Gaiman (my personal favorite writer) on the subject of how stories last. What makes some stories last for thousands of years… even while others die away soon after a single generation? What is the use of stories, why do we keep them? And, what can we, as writers and readers, learn from the answers to these questions? … More How Stories Last