Editing Services

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My Promise to You
Always tactful. Always useful. Never painful.

My name’s Cody Dalton. Other writers work odd jobs to pay the bills, but every nickel and dime I earn is earned through my craft. The simple reason? Because I LOVE IT.

I’m literally in love with the art of storytelling. Usually, when we say ‘literally’, we actually mean figuratively. I don’t. I’m literally in love with my craft. For me, there aren’t good days and bad days, good experiences and bad experiences – there’s only fodder for good stories. As I drift off to sleep at night, I lay fiddling with the structure of sentences I may never use, trying to get just the right sound and feel. I would write and edit even if I wasn’t paid for it! (and often do)

Let me take a peak at that Manuscript! Please?

Currently, I work as a freelance writer and editor most prevalently on a site called Upwork. I am a near 5-star rated freelancer there. Those I have edited for have been particularly happy. Whether I was advising the transition of a screenplay into a novel, giving feedback for a children’s story which was influential enough for the author to rewrite according to my basic design, or critiquing a sci-fi story I saw severe problems with and managed to free the author of dragging on with what she knew was a crappy manuscript but that other, less honest editors had told her was ‘really good’. Most writers, if they’re honest, want to know the truth about what they have written. Few editors will give them that.

I will never lambast a writer for making mistakes nor poor story execution. My job’s to evaluate what you’ve written, think up any ways possible it could be better than it already is. Sometimes that will concern wording, or the pacing of a scene. Sometimes it may mean advising you to get rid of something altogether. But, that will always be your choice to make, not mine. I’m here to fix definite mistakes and give advice about the ‘maybes’. The story, in the end, is yours. I’m just the polisher that makes you and your story look that extra bit better. Credit will always belong to you, never will you be required to list me as your editor in any published works —  I’m just a freelancer, don’t sweat it! It’s your story, I just want to see it be the best it can be. (and earn a little money along the way ;P)

Testimonials from Upwork Clients

5 Stars
“Cody is a talented editor.  He gives honest feedback and really puts in the time needed to get the job done.  He does this with a passion I rarely see in such a young man. Thanks Cody!”

5 Stars
“Cody’s work exceeded my expectations.”

5 Stars
“Cody puts everything he has into his work.  The result is high quality.  He’s also a pleasure to work with, adheres to deadlines, and has a lot of enthusiasm.”

Want my expert opinions? Contact me now, Compadre!

5 Stars
“Cody does great quality work and finished on schedule. I enjoyed working with him and would definitely consider hiring him for a job in the future.”

5 Stars
“Great communication and a timely finished product, will hire again!”

My Rates

Novel Manuscript

75¢ per page up to 300 pages, 

$1 per page up to 600 pages. 

For rates for longer works, ask me.

>17,000, ≯40,000

35¢ per 100 words.

Short Stories (up to 17,000 words)

15¢ per 100 words.

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