5 Cheerful, Encouraging Quotes from Writers

Way too often, people throw around the advice of writers like it was from the Gospel itself. I’m not a huge fan of most writing advice myself because it always tries to stipulate ALWAYS’ and NEVERS that no one has any right stipulating. Writing is a diverse art form and telling people to always do this and never do that is stupid.

So, instead, here are five really great quotes to give you hope instead of anxiety! … More 5 Cheerful, Encouraging Quotes from Writers

Read Anything (and everything)

Have no shame if your favorite books are popular books like Harry Potter or The Hunger Games. Don’t listen to people who say a book isn’t any good; read it for yourself, you be the judge. Find the little nuggets that will help you learn to write better. And, likewise, don’t you dare put yourself through the disastrous experience of being forced to read something terrible just because it’s supposed to be a ‘classic’ or because someone else has declared all non-readers of the book uneducated. … More Read Anything (and everything)

Great Read: The Loner’s Manifesto by Anneli Rufus

Sometimes you read something and you can really relate to it, and sometimes you read something and every single sentence can make you FEEL. This story from Party of One: The Loner’s Manifesto encapsulates both of those and crafts into a short, but elegant story. I read it and felt the need to share it with you. … More Great Read: The Loner’s Manifesto by Anneli Rufus

“If You Write Every Day, You Are A Writer” – Alan Moore

As with any group of people, the group that calls themselves ‘writers’ has some among them that are mightily pretentious. You will know these people by their loud and authoritative dictations about who truly is and who is not a writer. Now, myself, I have gotten sick and tired of listening to these pretentious tarts yammering on about the litany of requirements to be considered a ‘true’ writer … More “If You Write Every Day, You Are A Writer” – Alan Moore

The Amazing Slave Ship

The story goes that this man, this captain of a slave ship, was roughing the harsh, stormy seas one night — rain was pouring, waves were splashing, lightning was flashing brightly in the sky. And yet, below all of that, beyond all of that, there was the hum of singing coming from just under the deck, in the bowels of the ship. … More The Amazing Slave Ship