“If You Write Every Day, You Are A Writer” – Alan Moore

As with any group of people, the group that calls themselves ‘writers’ has some among them that are mightily pretentious. You will know these people by their loud and authoritative dictations about who truly is and who is not a writer. Now, myself, I have gotten sick and tired of listening to these pretentious tarts yammering on about the litany of requirements to be considered a ‘true’ writer — those stupid comments may themselves be a blog post some day. So, for those of you out there who are also tired of hearing these grand and, often, contradictory commandments… here’s Alan Moore talking about what it actually takes to be a writer. (hint: not as much as you’d think)

Alan Moore. You know — creator of V for Vendetta and Watchmen, one of the greatest comics writers of all time. I’m pretty certain you can take it from him that you don’t have to fit every snobs requirements (he sure as hell doesn’t) in order to be a ‘real’ writer.

Are you real? Yes. Do you write? Yes. Then you are a real writer. Congratulations!

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