You Might Be A Great Writer If…

You try your best to write everyday, letting only the most extraordinary circumstances stop you.

writer 1

You have an ear for forced dialogue, and delete that which does not pass the test.


And, an eye for garbled, inarticulate, unpoetic prose, and avoid it at every cost.


You take extra care for your readers, but take no heed of unimaginative critics.

haters gonna hate

And, you don’t let hateful criticisms walk through the door of your heart unchecked.


You plan everything out, down to the letter, and execute it wonderfully.


Or, you ride the end of the lightning bolt, having no idea what you’re doing, and enjoy the ride.

11th nobody panic

You realize the company you are in when you lay pen to paper, and don’t take it lightly.


You understand the long-held influence of stories, and pledge to use yours for only the most benevolent propaganda.

positive propaganda

You know stories are meant to allow for an escape from hardship and try hard to provide relief through brilliant creativity.


You finish things, when you can. And, when you do, the results are explosive.


You learn from your mistakes.


You believe in your story.


And, you make believers of us, the readers, too.


So, bring us your stories. All your stories, both beautiful and disturbing, melodramatic and action packed. Fill our mouths with laughter, our minds with ideas, and our hearts with hope. And, if you can do that, you are indeed a GREAT writer.

Good Luck

me and you

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