More Than A Hobby: Choosing To Be An Artist

Writing, and drawing, and theater – these may be just hobbies for some people… and there’s nothing wrong with that. If you want to write, please write. If you can draw, I’d love to see it. And, there’s never too many people to grace the stage. But, don’t make the mistake of assuming others who share your passions are only hobbyists like you. … More More Than A Hobby: Choosing To Be An Artist

How Stories Last

I was scrolling through my Tumblr feed last night when I came across a vastly interesting, in-depth talk from Neil Gaiman (my personal favorite writer) on the subject of how stories last. What makes some stories last for thousands of years… even while others die away soon after a single generation? What is the use of stories, why do we keep them? And, what can we, as writers and readers, learn from the answers to these questions? … More How Stories Last